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About DiPA

DiPA's founders have been advising and supporting individuals from under represented groups, informally, for a number of years. However, DiPA recognised that while there were places individuals could go for advice there was no dedicated organisation providing a comprehensive service of practical assistance and encouragement. So DiPA was set up in 2004 in response to the increasing requests for support and advice on how to become active in public life.

Professional team
With a core team of professionals (all of whom are career, networking and coaching specialists passionate about diversity in public life) DiPA aims to improve gender, ethnic, disability, age and socio-economic balance in Public Appointments.

Shaama Saggar-Malik
DiPA's founder Shaama Saggar-Malik

DiPA's founder
Shaama Saggar-Malik founded DiPA in 2004. She is an Independent Organisational Performance and Executive Development Consultant and Coach, and a former director of HR.

She is passionate about public services and the third sector and believes that the quality of life in Britain can only truly be enhanced through encouraging more diverse participation and representation in public life. Shaama has published and co-authored several articles, training materials and books in her field. She herself holds several public appointments and combines these with the equally challenging demands of being a mother of two teenage children.

She says: "The work undertaken by public bodies touches so very many aspects of our daily lives. Participating at a level that suits your interests and talents is a practical way of not only gaining tremendous satisfaction but also of helping to make a difference."

"The public appointments I am involved in, give me an opportunity to maintain and extend my professional skills, learn other things and meet people that I probably would not have the chance to do otherwise." More about Shaama (PDF file)»

Be amazed
Shaama says: "Women often say to me I'd love to do something similar but I'm not sure what I can offer". I always reply that a good starting point is to go and ask your colleagues, friends and family what talents they know you have and what they value about your abilities. Start with that list, add your own self-assessment, then stand back and be prepared to be amazed!

"Finally I would like to thank all our friends colleagues and clients for their encouragement in establishing DiPA and their on-going support in furthering its mission."

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quote marksDiPA aims to improve gender, ethnic, disability, age and socio-economic balance in Public Appointments. end quote

quote marksDIPA would like to thank friends colleagues and clients for all the advice and assistance in setting up and maintaining DIPA.end quote

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